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What is the DLSY?

The Danish Longitudinal Survey of Youth (DLSY; in Danish: "Ungdomsforløbsundersøgelsen") is a long-term panel study of a nationally representative sample of 3,151 Danes born in or around 1954. The study was initiated and was for a long time run by Professor Erik Jørgen Hansen. The respondents in the DLSY were first interviewed in 1968 when they were around 14 years old. The DLSY respondents, and their parents, have been followed ever since and have been interviewed in 1969, 1970, 1971, 1973, 1976, 1992, 2001, and 2004.

The DLSY provides a unique opportunity to study intergenerational mobility, transfers, and relations and includes information on issues such as social background, cognitive ability, educational attainment, occupational careers, income, family formation, and attitudes and aspirations. Furthermore, the survey data from the DLSY can be linked with administrative data from Statistics Denmark to obtain additional information on, among other issues, labor market participation, wealth, earnings, social security transfers, housing, and health care use.

Terminology in the DLSY:

  • The term DLSY program is generic and refers to all generations of respondents in the DLSY program, i.e., (1) the DLSY main respondents; (2) the children of the DLSY respondents (DLSY-C respondents); and (3) the parents of the DLSY respondents.
  • DLSY refers to the main DLSY respondents.
  • DLSY-C refers to the children of the DLSY respondents. 


The DLSY program includes three generations of respondents from the same family. To distinguish between generations, G1 ("generation") refers to grandparents (typically born 1920-1930), G2 refers to parents (the DLSY respondents, born around 1954), and G3 refers to grandchildren (typically born 1975-1985).

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