DLSY-C - In English

Welcome to the English DLSY-C Homepage!

This is the homepage of the Danish Longitudinal Survey of Youth - Children (DLSY-C; DK: Generationsundersøgelsen). The DLSY-C samples all children of the participants in the DLSY (who were all born around 1954). This page is optimized for researchers who want to learn more about the DLSY-C and download and analyze the DLSY/DLSY-C data. Please use the right hand side links to navigate this page.

Data collection began in May 2010 and ended in mid-January 2011.


The DLSY-C is financed by the Strategic Council for Welfare Research (grant: 2139-08-0020) and the Social Science Research Council (grant: 275-09-0145). We thank both research councils for funding.

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